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Information about healthcare in Dubai

Anyone who has any doubts at all about how impeccable the clinics and hospitals in Dubai are should definitely visit one to check them out by themselves. If truth be told, the kinds of healthcare services that are being offered in Dubai by the countless clinics and doctors around are incomparable. They make it possible for patients to access high standard facilities where they get to acquire treatment and services in the most impeccable environment possible. The best part about these hospitals is that they make use of the most modern facilities, and have been placed so very strategically that it becomes extremely easy for everyone to access them in time of need.
On the whole, when you head out to find a doctor, you would learn that there are a plethora of clinics as well as hospital all through the Emirates. The best part is that they offer outstanding follow up medical attention, including speech therapy in Dubai, considering the fact that the services offered are given a very high priority by some of the most renowned doctors around. Irrespective of who the patient is, be it a resident of Dubai, or someone who is just visiting and belongs to another nationality, it is necessary for all of the doctors in Dubai to show their commitment by providing ample follow up medical services to all of them. This goes on to prove that the doctors here are totally dedicated to the health and well-being of all their patients, and would go on to any limits in order to make sure that their patients receive only the best health care services.

When it comes to the public healthcare system in Dubai, it is basically the Department of Health and Medical Services that is responsible for its regulations and for making sure that all hospitals and clinics are being maintained properly. Most importantly, a majority of healthcare services are offered for free, and even those that are priced are charged at affordable rates. A really amazing element that is worthy of being noted here is that many of the doctors based in Dubai have received their training in countries in USA, UK, Egypt, Europe etc. This means that they, including the best psychologist in Dubai, have attained all the right training and have the potential to offer the best services when it comes to the health and well-being of their patients. There additionally remains the fact that the qualifications of these doctors are initially verified prior to them being allowed to treat people in the country.

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Corporate team building – why is it so important?

The corporate world these days is plagued by stiff competition. To ensure employee satisfaction, it is extremely important for businesses to promote a steady balance within the work environment. Promoting a common goal among employees is also necessary for organizations that are spreads across multiple locations.

In such a competitive environment, there is a dire need for businesses to instill a common motive for excellence to enhance commitment and loyalty towards the organization. This is where team building comes in, and corporate team building activities Dubai can definitely help in this case.

Reasons why team building is so important

Businesses these days have come to realize the importance of corporate team building. In a corporate structure, it is necessary for individuals at all levels to have a feeling of harmony and common interests. With that, here’s a look into a few reasons why businesses should pay immense attention to team building:

  • Develop and enhance interpersonal relations between employees
  • Improve communication between the employees serving different departments
  • Aim at and work towards better results for the organization in general
  • Evaluate and resolve individual issues within the organization
  • Aim and strive for the success of the company and build a better reputation for it


Ideas for team building

After realizing the importance of team building within the organization, a number of businesses have started seeking expert help so that steps can be taken to bring employees together efficiently. Given below are a few ideas that will help in this regard:

Activities: Corporate team building activities can go a long way in promoting a sense of appreciation, belonging and unity. These activities can be conducted between groups and teams, both of which can be a mix of individuals from different departments.

Short courses: Organizations can get individuals from different departments take short courses in Dubai together. This will promote team spirit, and will help employees connect on a level that goes beyond the professional realm.

Challenges: Individuals from different departments can be given the opportunity to enhance their interpersonal communication by giving them common challenges to achieve. This will encourage them to work together as a team, thereby bringing them closer to one another.

With initiatives such as these, it will be easily possible for businesses to promote team building and collective effort between employees. With a team that is so in sync with one another, there’s nothing that can stop a business from growing and gaining increased profits.

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4 Ways You Can Erase Yellow Teeth Away

Tooth discoloration is a dental condition wherein the teeth acquires a yellowish or dark hue over time. There are three types of tooth discoloration: extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related.



  • Extrinsic discoloration affects the enamel, the exterior layer of the tooth. Causes of extrinsic discoloration include caffeinated drinks and sodas. Smoking is also a major cause of tooth discoloration.
  • Intrinsic discoloration affects the dentin, which is the inner part of the tooth. Its primary causes include overexposure to fluorite, antibiotics, or genetics.
  • Age-related discoloration refers to tooth yellowing that happens as an individual gets older. The dentin naturally gets discolored as time passes, while the enamel thins, which makes the yellowed dentin more visible.


Teeth whitening in Dubai is the most effective and fastest way to resolve tooth discoloration, making it widely popular among people who wish to have whiter and more beautiful smile. Below are some of the typical teeth whitening methods that you can opt for:


#1 In-office teeth whitening – As the name of the procedure implies, it is a teeth whitening method done in a dental clinic. In-office teeth whitening methods usually take several sessions until the ideal result or level of whiteness is achieved. It is usually done together with other dental procedures, such as a Hollywood Smile design. Most in-office teeth whitening methods are assisted by laser technology, which produces fast and highly visible results. If you are interested in this treatment, visit for more information.
# 2 Home teeth whitening – This method involves a dentist providing the patient with a home teeth whitening kit. A patient must follow the instructions religiously to achieve best results. Compared to in-office, home teeth whitening takes more time to produce desired results, but is nonetheless just as effective.
# 3 Over-the-counter – OTC teeth whitening involves the use of products that you can buy at pharmaceutical shops. They produce visible results with consistent use, though not as much as in-office teeth whitening. In addition, individuals must be careful in buying over-the-counter teeth whitening products as these may contain ingredients or active compounds that they are sensitive to.
# 4 Organic – Some people prefer to whiten their teeth the natural way. If you research on organic teeth whitening methods, you will be given a bulk of lists and options to read about. The most popular natural teeth whitening choices include hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, strawberries, and orange peel.

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Dry Cleaning 101: Do’s and Don’ts

Dry cleaning is a specialised cleaning process that uses a chemical solvent to clean clothes and textiles, instead of water. Most people assume that because it is called “dry” cleaning, it does not use liquid. However, the process actually uses tetrachloroethylene, or a solvent more commonly known as simply “perc.” Dry cleaning is meant for use on fabrics that deteriorate when they come in contact with water, or for clothes that should not be loaded in the washing machine and clothes dryer.


Do Dry Clean These Items:

Before you take your clothes to your local dry cleaners in Dubai, make sure to check the tag and see if it’s okay to dry clean the fabric. In any case, here are the usual fabrics that should be dry cleaned: rayon, silk, and wool.

  • Rayon is usually classified as semi-synthetic, as it is composed of cellulose fibre. Coloured rayon may lose its colour when washed with water, and it may also shrink and get deformed when warm water is used. Although you can hand wash rayon in cold water, it is still best to have it dry cleaned.
  • Silk is commonly associated with luxury. As such, if you want to keep it soft and silky, dry cleaning it is the best option. Like rayon, it can be hand washed with cold water, but make sure to use a mild detergent. This is to prevent the colours from fading. To be on the safe side, however, many simply opt to have it dry cleaned.
  • Wool should be dry cleaned to retain its quality and to ensure it will last for a long time. You can opt to hand wash it, but be sure to use cold water. Washing it with warm or hot water can cause it to shrivel.


Do Not Dry Clean These Items:

  • Cotton is pretty low maintenance. You can simply wash it in cold or warm water, and machine dry it afterwards. However, be sure to wash it with similar colours to avoid different colours from mixing with each other.

Synthetic fabrics do not require much fuss as well. Polyester, spandex, acetate, nylon, and acrylic can be washed in warm water. As an added precaution, set the dryer on low as synthetic fabrics have a tendency to get wrinkled permanently if left in a hot dryer for a long time. To know more about dry cleaning, you can get in touch with the professionals. Click here to visit GCL.AE.

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5 Modern Office Interior Design Ideas in 2017

Office spaces are evolving to adapt to the changing needs of today’s users and businesses. Though not everyone can have an awesome and innovative workplace like Googleplex, the corporate headquarters of Google Inc. in California, businesses can ensure their workplaces meet the space, function, and design requirements of their people. Here are some modern office design solutions that are gaining traction in 2017.

Versatile workspaces

Flexibility is a dominant theme in contemporary office designs. Businesses prefer to have an office design that can be easily modified to accommodate changes in the number of employees, room functions, and workspace layouts. As such, use of modular office furniture is on the rise. This includes modular components that can be adjusted, stacked, moved, or mixed with each other to create a new office layout or design. So, if you want to update your office interior design in Dubai, consider investing in modular desks, workbenches, and furniture.

Multipurpose areas

Having multipurpose office spaces is becoming a trend. Businesses are choosing to have spaces that can serve as meeting rooms, conference areas, and lounge for employees to brainstorm or casually meet with clients. This kind of office design in Dubai creates an opportunity for employees and clients to have a productive discussion in a comfortable office setting.

Nature-inspired offices

More offices are bringing in the outdoors inside to help boost productivity in the workplace and to care for the well-being of employees. Adding greenery in the workplace is not entirely new, but the number of businesses adapting this practice is increasing over the years. Office plants can improve indoor air quality and help reduce stress among employees. There are novel ways to incorporate plants into an office design, without making these look odd or out of place.

Environmentally-conscious workspaces

In line with the office trend above, more companies are showing they care for the environment by using environmentally-friendly materials and design solutions. These include using furniture made from reclaimed wood, integrating living walls in the office, and water-saving and energy-efficient features.

Innovative office desks

Innovatively-designed office desks are all the rage today. These serve to free up floor space, while providing enough storage space for every user. It is also more responsive to the needs of the user, particularly in terms of function and comfort. Some are designed to serve different purposes, and others are specially engineered for sharing workspaces between two, three, or more people.