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The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Company

Dirt and grime have settled in your home or office building and it is about time to do a general cleaning. But for some reasons, you cannot do it just by yourself, your household help, or your small janitorial team. So you have decided to hire a professional cleaning company to do all the work. But how do you know which one to hire? There are so many agencies and trade groups but you just want to find a reliable and cost-effective service from a cleaning company in Dubai. Well, this is your starting point. Below you will find a list of questions, the most basic ones, that you must ask a cleaning company before you officially hire them. Here we go.


  1. How long have you been in this industry?


While some people would argue that the length or years in the industry does not guarantee quality service, that is not the case in the cleaning business. In most cases, a stable, experienced company knows the techniques, has the right tools, and has employed experienced individuals to do the cleaning service.


But do not get lax and just hire an old cleaning company, check out their latest reviews as well. For some, being in the industry for too long can also cause a burn-out and may result in poor performance of the staff.


  1. Do you have insurance?


Ask the company for their accountability on the damages in your properties should there be any during the time of cleaning. All cleaning companies should be insured and bonded and be liable for any broken items incurred during the service.


  1. How do you come up with the rate?


There are certain methods for quoting a service rate in a professional cleaning endeavour. You and the company could agree on a project-based rate. It could also be cost per staff or employee sent to you. Or it could be via a fixed, hourly rate. Either way, this must be settled prior and make sure there are no clauses on the contract for any other “additional” expenses they could charge you during the cleaning. This is to avoid any billing abuse that can make your total balloon out.


  1. Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?


Are all cleaning supplies and tools covered by the company or do you have to get out and buy some? Will the rate be less if you already have materials available at your home or office? How safe are these supplies that will be used?


These are some additional questions you could raise regarding cleaning supplies and tools. For example, huge, industrial air duct cleaning in Dubai requires heavy-duty vacuum. It should be asked prior so you will know what steps will be accomplished. This is also a chance for you to prepare the stuff so as to avoid any excuses from the company (e.g. they were not able to do this or that due to the lack of a specific cleaning material).


  1. What are your customer service systems?


How will communication be carried? Face-to-face? Entirely online? You must ask this to your cleaning company. Will there be an assurance plan or process to make sure that you are satisfied with the job provided? Will after-care be provided as well and will there be a post-cleaning visit?


That’s it. But of course, apart from the interview, do not forget to check out online reviews and testimonials from past clients, too, okay? Good luck!

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Dry Cleaning 101: Do’s and Don’ts

Dry cleaning is a specialised cleaning process that uses a chemical solvent to clean clothes and textiles, instead of water. Most people assume that because it is called “dry” cleaning, it does not use liquid. However, the process actually uses tetrachloroethylene, or a solvent more commonly known as simply “perc.” Dry cleaning is meant for use on fabrics that deteriorate when they come in contact with water, or for clothes that should not be loaded in the washing machine and clothes dryer.


Do Dry Clean These Items:

Before you take your clothes to your local dry cleaners in Dubai, make sure to check the tag and see if it’s okay to dry clean the fabric. In any case, here are the usual fabrics that should be dry cleaned: rayon, silk, and wool.

  • Rayon is usually classified as semi-synthetic, as it is composed of cellulose fibre. Coloured rayon may lose its colour when washed with water, and it may also shrink and get deformed when warm water is used. Although you can hand wash rayon in cold water, it is still best to have it dry cleaned.
  • Silk is commonly associated with luxury. As such, if you want to keep it soft and silky, dry cleaning it is the best option. Like rayon, it can be hand washed with cold water, but make sure to use a mild detergent. This is to prevent the colours from fading. To be on the safe side, however, many simply opt to have it dry cleaned.
  • Wool should be dry cleaned to retain its quality and to ensure it will last for a long time. You can opt to hand wash it, but be sure to use cold water. Washing it with warm or hot water can cause it to shrivel.


Do Not Dry Clean These Items:

  • Cotton is pretty low maintenance. You can simply wash it in cold or warm water, and machine dry it afterwards. However, be sure to wash it with similar colours to avoid different colours from mixing with each other.

Synthetic fabrics do not require much fuss as well. Polyester, spandex, acetate, nylon, and acrylic can be washed in warm water. As an added precaution, set the dryer on low as synthetic fabrics have a tendency to get wrinkled permanently if left in a hot dryer for a long time. To know more about dry cleaning, you can get in touch with the professionals. Click here to visit GCL.AE.